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City Of Joy
বাংলার স্বাদ, বাংলার রুচি

Debjyoti Roy & Samar Majumdar

DiscoverOur Story

The Flavour of Bengal
The realization of what we are missing and also what the newer generation has probably not experienced at all, in relation to the renowned Bengali cuisine, encouraged us to make an honest endeavour to open an outlet where we could serve some of that. Being passionate about food and sincere in our efforts to recreate all those forgotten delicacies in the heart of Delhi, City of Joy was founded. With our fishes flying in fresh from Kolkata, we hope that all families nostalgic about Muri Ghonto and Bhapas, Tel Koi, Daab Chingri, Mangshor jhol and all those by-gotten dishes would love to come and have these delicacies and leave with a sense of fulfillment and a smile of satisfaction each time.

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Starters set the tone for the meal to come and stimulate the appetite. Begin your meal with a typical Bengali appetizer and we are sure it will get you excited about what else is in store!





Main Course

Contrary to a common misconception amongst casual eaters that Bengali cuisine is only Maach (Fish) and Bhaat (Rice), a connoisseur of good food would love the colossal repository of cuisine that Bengal has on offer. It is probably the only state in the Indian subcontinent which has an elaborate multi-course tradition where food is served course-wise and in a particular sequence!

Niramish Bhaja/Veg Fries

Dal-er-Nanarakam/Lentils & Pulses

Tori Torkari/Vegetarian Fare

Bhaja Maach/Fried Fish

The “maach” in the quintessential bhadralok’s “maach bhath” is inevitably Rui fish (Roho Labeo). Rui is a sweet water fish and belongs to the carp family. It is a Bengali’s soul food and has unending number of variations and recipes served almost daily in a typical Bengali household. We offer you the below spread to choose from the most common recipes of Rui. Enjoy !!!!!

Rui Katla

Diversity in sizes of Chingri (from shrimps to blue lobsters) dictates it’s treatment…

However, we believe the Tiger prawn variety does justice to the various traditional Bengali acclaimed preparations, and accordingly we offer you the following choices…


Ilish ; has always been and will forever remain the King of Fishes.
It is not a fish one eats every day. But come a family get together or for that matter any occasion, it is sure to find its place right at the centre! And on that day, every other dish falls bland…

We try our best to source our Ilish from the most authentic places… as they say, “how good is a prospective groom is as good as he in his selection of the best ILISH”

We offer you choices from the following royal preparations…


We believe there is no better boneless fish variety than the Kolkata Bhetki and we urge you to taste the following mouth watering dishes that do ultimate justice to this sweet water fish!

Kolkata Bhetki

The three most loved versions of this single boned fish are available to tempt your palate with the biggest sizes served in this city ! Check out the size we serve!!!

Pabda/Pabo Catfish




Koi/Japanese Carp

Aar/Sperata Aor


Chara Pona/Baby Rohu

For Bengalis all across, the word meat or “mangsho” has forever been synonymous with mutton or goat meat (although chicken has its own omnipresence throughout!!!). Just like Sunday family lunches remain inevitably incomplete without the Mangshor Jhol and Bhaat; all Bengali celebrations fall bland without the divine combination of Kosha Mangsho and Luchi/Polao.

We have put in our best endeavor to source our mutton as “Kochi” (tender) as possible to generate the true Bengali flavor out of our dishes and make them a pleasure for you to enjoy.


The most commonly prevalent non vegetarian food item in our country is chicken, by a long way and there are endless variations of recipes!!! We have selected the authentic Bengali preparations of chicken for you to savor.


Rice and Bread

Originating from the Mughal period, Biryani has been adopted by different families in India; most popular being the Hyderabadi and Lucknowi versions. However we also have Biryani from the “Royal Bengal gharana” which comes with egg and whole potato, making it a wholesome meal by itself. Subtly spiced, fresh and “dum” cooked to perfection, this is a must with Biryani lovers.

The “Chaanp”, slow cooked chicken / mutton in low flame is a perfect combination to go with Biryani.

Biryanis & Chaanp


Mostly, sweet in taste and sticky in texture, “Chutney” in Bengali cuisine is not actually an accompaniment, to be had along with other dishes; rather, it is generally served as the penultimate dish, just before dessert and is and is savored all by itself.







WhatOur Customers Say

  • "....Lekin pehle de do mera ... Paanch rupaiya baara aana..." I could count my pennies and dance on this song after eating at this place. Eating here is like eating at a Bengali house adorned with pictures of Kishor Kumar...old bengali actors and yesteryear Calcutta. Dim lights and a strange fabric lined ceiling but, when it comes to their food, the flavors are explosive. We ordered Bhapa Chingri (Prawns), Sarson Pabda and Chicken Rezala Bhapa Prawns that took the longest to arrive are a show-stealer here, If you are lucky, Bhapa Ilish is even better. The mustard kick is as strong as wasabi but the overall impact more sumptuous and satisfying. There is a reason there is rice on the table with every bengali dish, the carbs complete and balance out the outthere pungency of the dishes. Couldn't start with other two dishes till we finished this entirely. The Pabda was equally amazing, light mustard in a rich creamy gravy and again, till we finished this with rice, totally forgot the chicken lying on the table. The food experience was going course wise with rice being a consistent playground for every game. The Rezala was mildly spiced thick gravy made with cashew paste and the chicken was cooked so well that it might have given its live version a major inferiority complex :) Every dish we ordered had a distinct flavor, each one better than the other. They are a bit weak on their dessert section. That day it was only rajbhog and that too ultra sweet and tad dense. Overall, They have the best Bengali food that I have had till now in Delhi... Soulful food, City of joy is like a Bengali Mother to my Punjabi Heart :)
    Manish Gulati
  • Thanks for keeping the bangaliyana alive in this multi cultural city.
    Simantini De
  • This little place hidden away in alaknanda is a Bengali food treasure. The food is delicious & the ambience with dim lighting & posters of Bengali personalities hung all around is lovely. The fish finger, mishti doi & mutton curry deserve a special mention. I have been to the place several times & almost everything in the menu is worth trying.
    Rohini Mukherjee
  • This was my first visit to City of Joy and I must say I quite enjoyed my meal there. We went on a weekend for lunch at this place which was on my must-visit list after hearing quite a few good reviews. The place was almost empty when we reached. Good for us!! The walls were adorned with various framed pictures of Kolkata and Bengali movies. You can pass your time looking at those while waiting for your order. Their menu though a two-paged one had quite a variety of dishes. And being a die-hard fish lover it was quite difficult for me to choose which dish to have. They had so many!!! We ordered Diamond Fish Fry, Rui Sorse Posto, Kosha Mangsho and Steamed rice. Heavenly it was!!! The Fish pieces were huge and fresh giving it an Authentic Bengali taste. Kosha Mangsho tasted amazing with succulent pieces. The food portions are quite generous and service was good. And we left with a happy tummy!!!
    Sudeshna Kaushik
  • This is perhaps my favourite Bengali restaurant in Delhi. The food served is great, the ambience is really catchy and on top of that they always play Rabindra Sangeet tunes in the background here. The best thing here is that you get good Bengali food and it fits your budget as well. Also there are photos of classic Bengali films hanging on the walls, so you know your dining experience here just got enhanced. When it comes to the food, I would give high marks to the kosha mangsho, dhokar dalna and of course my favourite here, the bhetkir paturi. Try out this place if you haven't and you wont regret it.
    Joydeep Hazarika
  • This is the best place to eat Bengali food. Totally satisfied with taste and just amazed by the variety of dishes they serve. Total bangaliana. Regularly visit this place. Just overwhelmed by the quantity they serve. U can get all the Bengali vegetarian items here. Starters are too good. Apt service and really satisfied by the whole experience. Each day they serve something special which may be your favorite like murir ghonto, paayesh, mochaar torkari. Dhokar dalna.
    Samarprit Chakraborty
  • This place is a personal favorite. Being an emigrant Bengali, city of joy successfully tickles the nostalgia of my Bengali tastebuds. Wonderful decor and the food is fabulous.
    Soumyajit Kar
  • It has been absolute delight to be at this restaurant and enjoy AUTHENTIC "authentic bengali" cuisine. It a small restaurant in Amravli market in Alaknanda. Ambience : It makes you feel that you are in city of Joy with black and white photos of iconic Howrah Bridge, Esplanade and also of eminent personalities from city of Joy like Satyajit Ray and others. And how can one miss, Goddess Durga (Durga Thakur) . And you have soothing Ravindra Sangeet. Cuisine : Absolute delight. We ordered Aloo Bhaja - Jhinge aloo posto- Sukhto- Steamed Rice- Mohan Mung Dal- Cucumber Raita- Khujurer chatni- Pomfret kalia- Chicken Dak Banglow- Misti Doi. Only thing that was not appropriate was aloo Bhaja which was not authentic Bengali aloo Bhaja with badam and chilli powder. Apart from that City of Joy - Keep up the good work.
    Aditya Abhinav
  • Well what do I say. The Fat Bong grows fatter gorging on the bong delicacies here :) and if u haven't had bong cuisine u haven't had anything in life. Yeah I am biased. Can't help it.
    The Fat Bong

    I would list all Bongs in Delhi in 3 categories 1) Those who've been at least once to COJ : :-) this category doesn't need a review..obviously they will keep on going back for the awesome food and ambience. 2) Those who have never been there : Just try it once... Sorry, there is actually no 3rd category ! Owners, if possible, just try and do something to the entrance of the staircase. I know once we reach up and enter the restaurant, everything is forgotten..but on most days when the restaurant is full and there are people waiting on the stairs and the only place you can even wait is at the bottom of the stairs, then the market complex bathroom at that place is urghhh .... But as I said, once you reach up..... bliss... sheer BLISS !
    Sukla Sen